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    1. SIMPLE
    • Present = base form / -s form

    (plural)     (singular)

    Ex. John writes a letter.

    • Past = add –d or –ed / change the spelling

    (regular)              (irregular)

    Ex. John wrote a letter last night.

    • Future = will/shall + base form (Main Verb)

    Ex. John will write a letter next week.

    • Present = Present helping verb + -ing form (Main Verb)

    Ex. John is writing a letter.

    • Past = Past helping verb + -ing form (Main Verb) + past action

    (independent clause)   (dependent clause)

    Ex. John was writing a letter when the rain stopped.

    • Future = will/shall + be + -ing form (Main Verb)

    Ex. John will be writing a letter next month.

    1. PERFECT
    • Present =    has      /   have    + past participle (Main Verb)

    (singular)   (plural)

    Ex. John has written a letter.

    • Past = had + past participle (Main Verb)   +         past verb

    (independent clause)                  (dependent clause)

    Ex. John had written a letter before Bill asked him out for dinner.

    • Future = will/shall + have + past participle (Main Verb) + future verb or simple present + future time

    Ex. John shall have written a letter before the time runs out.

    • Present =   has      /   have   + been + -ing form (Main Verb)

    (singular)  (plural)

    Ex. John has been writing a letter since last night.

    • Past = had + been + -ing form (Main Verb)  +       past verb

    (independent clause)                (dependent clause)

    Ex. John had been writing a letter when Martha came in.

    • Future = will/shall + have + been + -ing form (Main Verb)   +      future time

    (independent clause)                            (dependent clause)

    Ex. John shall have been writing a letter before March 2014.

Movie Review No. 16

Gulliver’s Travels

A commoner who wished to be noticed by people. That’s Gulliver.

This movie is more about believing in yourself. And Gulliver does not have that. But sooner or later, he came to realize a very important lesson in life.

Gulliver’s stories on the little people in Liliput are mostly a lie. I think he did that so that the little people would adore him and he would get noticed by the townspeople. That’s his wish, right? It also came to a point where he was reigned as the hero of that little town.

But, the time will really came where the truth set him free. You want a spoiler? And, he lived happily ever after. 😉 Enjoy!

Movie Review No. 15

White: The Melody of the Curse

I have always love K-pop. But I never expected a movie like this. I you’re a K-pop fan, you better watch this. It brings out the essence of being a K-pop lover.

I saw this movie with my classmates in our classroom. We were all shouting because of its effects and sudden events.

This is one of the best horror films ever! Better watch it guys and be excited. 😉

Movie Review No. 14

Step Up Revolution

Of all the Step Up movies, this is my first time to watch Step Up. I have never seen the first few movies of Step Up. But, even though I didn’t follow the sequel, I still understood the movie.

I love the theme of this story. If some stories are musical, which has songs and singing. This is what I call, “dance-sical.” Hahaha. It sounds lame. -__- LOL.

Well, going back. I love the movie not because of its “dance-sical” only but also its story. Although to people, it may look like it’s only dancing, but it also has a love story.

THE MOB. \m./ Watch it guys. 😉

Movie Review No. 13

Lovely Complex

This is a Japanese movie that I have seen approximately a month ago. I love the story because of its story line. 😉

There’s this boy who is too short and a girl who is too tall. The girl promised not to fall in love with a short guy but what happens when she does?

Most couples always see to it that the guy is always taller than the girl. In that way, it would not be too awkward walking in streets than having the opposite way.

But, in this movie, it clearly explains the quote, “Height doesn’t matter.” Too many it does, but to them, it’s nothing. And I find it sweet on how they manage their love story. Better watch it guys! 😉

Movie Review No. 12

This Means War

I just saw this movie on New Year’s Day. It’s our family’s past time activity, watching movies consecutively or as they say, movie marathon.

As I was choosing the movies, I saw this title and I thought at first that it was an action film. I really disliked action films, and I don’t know why. XD But as I opened the movie file, I forwarded some clips and didn’t saw guns and fights. When I saw Reese Witherspoon, I got interested and proceeded in watching the movie.

The love story may be typical but it has twists. These two best friends are spies and when they knew that they were dating the same girl, they used their spy skills to look after one another.

For sure, the girl picked either of the two spies. Who did she picked? I better leave this question and watch the movie. 😉

Movie Review No. 11

Wild Child

A spoiled brat, that would be the best term to describe Poppy (Emma Roberts).

She was brought to an all-girls school because of being a “wild child”. Now, she wants to be kicked-out in the school by breaking the school rules. Her new girl classmates helped her to be expelled.

But it turned out in the end that she found herself bonding with her new girl friends. And realized a big thing about true friendship.

How did it turned that way? Better watch this teen romantic dramedy film. 😉 Enjoy!

Movie Review No. 10

Olive standing in front of a green chalkboard, labels are pointing at her and she is holding up a page which explain how this is the story of how she ruined her reputation.

Easy A

According to Wikipedia, White lies are minor lies which could be considered to be harmless, or even beneficial, in the long term. White lies are also considered to be used for greater good. A common version of a white lie is to tell only part of the truth, therefore not be suspected of lying, yet also conceal something else, to avoid awkward questions.

It all started with a white lie. To many, it may be for the good but for Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), it just got worse.

People nowadays are eaten by pride and would take the risk to tell a lie just to be with the trend. But as we all know, bad things come to a bad ending. And her lies started to change her whole being. The way she acts, the way she dresses and everything. Even her best friend doesn’t like it anymore.

But it all ended happily. You want to know what happened? You better watch the movie. It’ll be an eye-opener. 😉 Believe me. 😀

Movie Review No. 9

The Cabin in the Woods

When I saw the trailer, I was interested at the same time, I remembered a reality show (Pinoy Big Brother). I compared it to the said show because as shown in the trailer, they were in a house that was “controlled”. According to a plot, scientists and engineers were controlling the said house.

Although if you finish the movie, you will really distinguish that it is somewhat violent and if it were a TV show, it would be rated SPG (Strong Parental Guidance).

But for me, there’s this part of the movie where it involves all frightening creatures to human are shown. Just like all sorts or ghosts, clowns, animals, etc. I got goosebumps seeing them. I just hate that part.

Overall, it’s a good movie if you want horror and violence. See for yourself. 😉

Off-topic ;)

Good Afternoon Movie Goers!

I have decided to keep my blog simple and informal. 😉

For the past posts, I have been too formal in following a specific format for the movie reviews.

As I reread my blog, it was so long and lengthy, so maybe I should directly proceed to the main purpose of my blog. I would directly state my movie reviews as brief as possible.

Enjoy reading! 😉